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Empowering Voices.
Uniting Communities.

Leveraging decades of leadership and policy expertise to elevate your social impact initiatives.

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Discover What Ny Can Do For You

Featured Services

Decades of advocacy experience help Ny Whitaker develop strategies and policies that effect meaningful change in communities and organizations.

Community engagement and events that foster meaningful connections and impactful experiences.

Expert strategic consulting to navigate complex challenges and drive sustainable organizational growth.

Transformative speaking engagements that educate, inspire, and empower diverse audiences at any event.

"Empowerment begins in our communities, and it's through education, advocacy, and strategic action that we can truly transform our world."

- Ny Whitaker, Former White House Senior Advisor

She Is the dynamic force behind Project Nyne Productions, where her visionary strategies ignite community transformation. With her esteemed background as an Obama Alumni, Ny effortlessly blends her extensive experiences from diverse sectors into crafting societal advancements. At the core of her work, she's known for building impactful partnerships and spearheading projects that genuinely make a difference.


Her education in Psychology, Marketing, and Journalism, coupled with a strong commitment to civic engagement, lays the foundation for her innovative and sustainable approach. Beyond her professional endeavors, Ny's passion for education and event marketing shines, having made significant contributions to organizations like The NY Health and Hospitals Corporation and New York University. Ny's journey is a testament to her dedication to fostering educational excellence and driving community change.

About Ny

Ny Introduces President Obama at Apollo Theatre

June 19th, 2022

Ny is distinguished by her NASDAQ Fellowship in Entrepreneurial Leadership and her two decades of commitment to inclusivity and equity, founding a Harlem-based political consulting firm.

Leadership and Advocacy

Renowned for annually raising $20 million from diverse sources, Ny's depth in philanthropy extends beyond funding, focusing on relationships that foster genuine social impact.

Fundraising and Philanthropy

​Ny's expertise shines in her role as a Senior Advisor in the USDA, where she excels in policy development and strategic negotiations, driving forward social justice initiatives.

Strategic Consulting and Policy Development

Ny Whitaker champions diversity and inclusion, drawing from her experience as a key figure in the Manhattan Democratic Party and Community Board 11. Her advocacy amplifies underrepresented voices.

Community Engagements and Events

Why Ny

Your Expert in Strategic Leadership, Advocacy, and Community Impact

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New York


Washington D.C.

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